Hello?... anyone out there?


Last time I wrote on this blog was September 10, 2013. Today is March 16, 2014. Haha quite some time has passed and regardless if anyone reads this or not, I'm still going to keep blogging and do a somewhat quick update instead of doing 10 different blog posts trying to catch up. Cause that's just annoying.

I did make it to Indiana, I found a great job after being here for only 2 weeks, and my pups are still adorable.

I really have enjoyed being in a ward outside of Utah - I love the missionaries in our current ward. We've had them over for dinner multiple times, and I feel like they are my little brothers. I just want them to succeed and I think they are amazing young men. The ward here is great! I've met lots of wonderful people. Unfortunatly NO ONE my age, but you can't have it all, right?

I'm an advisor in the Young Women and I love the girls. I don't know them too well yet (I got called about 2 months ago) But I have actually enjoyed teaching twice a month and going to activities.

My job is awesome. I've never had a job that has given me paid time off or paid Holidays - I have loved that. They are a great company who treats their employees very well.  I started the week of Thanksgiving and I'm actually STILL training. It's a lot to learn and process, but it's been pretty good so far.

I absolutely HATE the weather here. According to the news on Friday morning, this is the 3rd snowiest season on record here and the 2nd snowiest was back in 1978-1979. There has been so much snow, ice, and freezing wind. I will never complain about winters in Utah again, cause they are nothing like what we've experienced here. Every week there have been 2 or 3 major snow storms. We also had 3 Polar Votex's, One night the wind chill was -41 degrees. The wind here is BITING cold.

I get really stressed driving in this terrible weather, because my commute is about 30 minutes, add some terrible road conditions and it's usually been about 45 minutes to an hour.  I think I've had cabin fever. I never go outside unless it's to go to work or the grocery store and the post office here and there.

Sadly, I haven't met any friends that I actually hang out with outside of work or the ward. There isn't anyone my age that I've been able to meet. That's been hard. I've been pretty lonely. I realized I'm quite social and really enjoy being around people.

Here are some photos of what we've been up to:

We had a tornado warning the second week I got here. I was so freaked out. There was lots crazy wind, in the end the only "damage" was our window fell out of the wall?! Haha:

Tyler's parents and my dad and brother came out for the BYU cougars football game at Notre Dame. It was freezing cold, and they ran out of hot chocolate before halftime. Luckily they got more within a half hour. I think I had 10 hot chocolates that day, it was the only way to stay warm.
(This is why I don't wear beanies or hats Folks. Yikes!)

The cougars lost - but it was still way fun to be there! 

Thanksgiving we had the missionaries over! It actually ended up being pretty fun! Our first time making Thanksgiving Dinner, but Ty helped lots, he's a great cook! 
Christmas didn't feel quite like Christmas, but we were spoiled and spent the day together opening presents, eating, and we went to a movie. We also teamed up with Gordmans to help a family in need. We went to visit the two young girls with gifts and Ty went all out and dressed like Santa, it was so fun to watch the girls get so excited. 

In January we decided to go to Utah. We drove -which was our first mistake- Tyler ended up drinking 3 red bulls within 20 minutes (to help him stay awake) which led to us at a random Walmart in Nebraska with Tyler laying on the parking lot throwing up. This went on for 7 more hours of stopping off of I-80 while Ty threw up. Eventually we landed in the emergency room in Laramie Wyoming. 
With Ty in a wheelchair, shooting stomach pains, The doctors thought he had too much to drink. We explained that he doesn't drink, they thought maybe he was on drugs, we explained he doesn't do drugs. Gastro something was the diagnosis (apparently heavy drinkers get it) haha but we believe it's from all the reds bulls. Medicine and a few hours later ( and a $2,400 bill ) we were back on the road. Needless to say, it was a nightmare. 
It was worth it to see Tae and my family!!! 
... And to eat Rumbis. Dang, I miss that food.

Last weekend the weather was better (meaning no crazy blizzard) we decided to go see the Dunes at Lake Michigan. We've heard this place is an amazing  "beach" in the summer. They bring in nice sand from somewhere. We walked out onto the actually Lake -whoops- but didn't realize it till we were halfway out onto it and everyone else was staring at us. Haha! But we didn't fall in! 

Windy!! Haha

Tyler works long, hard hours at his store. He's a great manager. His store is #1 in his district and #4 in the company. I am really proud of him. He is also mentoring different stores who need help with their G Rewards, since Ty has done so great at it. 

I work, but get the weekends off (which I LOVE) haven't had weekends off for a couple years now. I've become a better cook, spent many hours with my Netflix and I work out a ton - which is great for my body and health. There hasn't been much to do with the terrible weather. I don't think my skin likes humidity. My skin has had 25 years of Utah dry weather. I have a breakout on my forehead and have had it for 3 months, it's crazy. I've always had clear skin (thanks mom and dad) but either the stress or humidity is not liking my forehead. Boo. It sucks.

There's a semi quick update. Hopefully it wasn't too boring! 



This past weekend we had a crazy rain storm. It was saturday afternoon - I was thinking about heading to my brother's apartment to go swimming with him and Carly, but the skies got dark and things didn't look too promising so I stayed home with Min and Tae.

my parents driveway is angled down and then there is a stairway DOWN to the basement door, not ideal for a flood... 
me and tae were actually watching Thumbalina together. 
We noticed it started to POUR sheets of water and hail and it was very windy. 
we couldn't even see our neighbors house. 
I got concerned and checked the garage, cause my parents are always worried about flooding.
water was already coming through the back door of the garage. So I went upstairs to warn my dad - he was sleeping. He got up and said he'd come take a look at it.
the storm wasn't letting up and it was still raining so hard
so 10 minutes later I checked the garage again and the water was about to come in the basement door!!
I yelled to my dad and we grabbed buckets and were trying to bail out the water, but we weren't having much success.
we made a dumb decision to open the garage door and it looked like a huge river coming towards us!! I was against the basement door, trying to keep a tight seal on the door because I was now in water up to my hips, it was so crazy!! 
my dad called his neighbor and the neighbor boys - they SAVED our lives! 
Min was in the house on the other side of the basement door pushing her back against the door while water came in and she had blankets and towels, but it wasn't doing much, the water was coming in around her.

she took this picture as she was sitting against the door and water was coming in:

I wish I could have taken a picture of all the water I was standing in. here is the waterline of where the water was and the stairway me and my dad were in:

these pictures don't do it justice, cause they are blurry phone pics, but their basement was flooded 
we were scooping water up with cups and filling big gallon buckets, 
we emptied about 13 of these, and there was still lots of water in the carpet.
we had a flood restoration place show up and help us. they brought tons of fans, cut up the carpet and pulled out the padding of the carpet.
my parents furniture got ruined. I feel so bad!!
it was really scary

this is me soaking wet, even though I don't look like it. 

my dad ruined his phone, cause it was in his back pocket and the water was about that level. I feel so bad for all the damage that has been done.
They ripped up most of my parents baseboards, because the water had soaked in the walls. 
my mom is so bummed, cause they just had all new crown molding put in the basement! :( 
but this is a good excuse for them to get new carpet!

I'm just glad no one got hurt and that there were awesome neighbors so willing to help us out  - we were in big trouble with just me and my dad.
so I am very grateful for all the help we got that day!
People are so kind!


My trip to Indiana

I flew out to Chicago this past weekend, since it was Labor Day and I didn't have to work, we figured it was the perfect weekend for me to fly out and spend time with Ty and the pups and see my new home.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the beautiful trees and how green everything is there. 
My flight into Chicago was completely awful. 
We were circling Chicago for about 15 minutes, and there was lightning all around us. No planes were allowed to land at the chicago airport. The pilot told us we were running out of fuel and we had to fly to another airport in Illinois to re-fuel.
Awesome. that was comforting.

So we got to the random airport in Illinois, it was really tiny there weren't any restaurants open to eat. We got off the plane while they fueled the plane.
After about an hour of waiting, we got back on the plane and waited about a half hour to actually get back into the air.

The descent into Chicago was awful. Super bumpy, I wanted to throw up and lightning was all around us - it really scared me.
But we finally made it - 4 hours late. It was terrible!!

I love our apartment Ty found for us - it's a nice location and in a good area. There are lots of corn fields and tons of mature trees EVERYWHERE. I was very surprised how green it was. 
It was strange not seeing any mountains though, that defiantly made things confusing to find.

My pups were so happy to see me. I totally teared up. I know I'm ridiculous. I love them though!
yes, these are snapchats of my cute pups

I got to go see Tyler's store, it looks amazing! It was cool to walk inside and say "this is Tyler's store" - he has worked so hard, and he really does deserve this opportunity, I am so proud of him. 
It's coming together and they started receiving shipment of inventory

there is a really pretty pond right behind the store, it was so peaceful, you couldn't hear traffic noises or anything. Tyler wants to go fishing back there.

we relaxed a lot, mostly cause it was stormy outside for lots of the weekend. But it was nice to just relax and hang out. Tyler has been so busy and I have been moving for weeks - so we both loved having nothing to do.
we bought a King bed because the mattress we've had since we were married was a really old Queen sized bed - it worked for the couple years we've had it, but we wanted an upgrade and Tyler deserved it. So I finally got to sleep on it, and it's amazing! we have the best mattress with memory foam, oh my goodness I was in heaven. 
we bought it right before ty took the Uhaul out to indiana, so I had never had a chance to sleep on it.
blurry pic of the 3 that I love.

Church is definitely different than church in Utah. It was fun though. There were only about 15 ladies in relief society. a few ladies wearing jeans, and lots of basic questions about the church in general were asked in sunday school and relief society. Men wearing skirts and painted toe nails. haha It was different, but really cool.

A man stood up and bore his testimony about having been born and raised in the catholic church and that about 2 months ago, he found out for himself that the LDS church was the true church and that he loves the missionaries and that he cannot wait to get baptized. It was a really sweet testimony that I'm glad I got to hear.
 we went to a movie and out to eat and tyler drove me around Valpo and showed me lots of different places. It was really fun. I'm so glad I got to go visit. In a way, it actually made me more scared to move. I just realized how alone we will be. Ty had to go to work for one day and I realized I can't just call up some friends for a girls night or drive 5 minutes to my parents house cause I want to hang out with them. It was a scary realization. I know it will be hard, but I know I will be ok. I just need to work on having a good attitude.

for the next few months I'll be living at my parents and hanging out with my family as much as I can. We are gonna lots of fun things and soak it all in! I know I'm gonna miss utah so much! 



Thanks for all the kind words, advice and positivity on my last post. Sorry for being a negative nancy. I'm trying to be happy. but I'm mostly overwelmed because I have to pack up my whole entire house by myself. Ty is already in Indiana. So I have lots to do before our renters move in the last week of august. 
By the way, Anyone know of someone who cleans houses who is honest, does good work?? please let me know! 

We carpooled down to Vegas with our good friends Samantha and Ian - I love them!!
Ian and Sam got a sweet lime green mustang for their rental car. FANCY

This is Ian with his adorable mother. She so kindly let us stay at her place and she was so generous and kind to open her home to us and all our stuff. She is a very sweet lady!

our friends Becca, Steven and baby Jameson came along too! we went to the splash pad and Jameson loved it!
It didn't really feel like the 4th of July cause we didn't do fireworks or anything, but while the men went golfing all the girls went and got their nails done.
Sadly, they only lasted a few hours, cause we went to the pool later and they all peeled off. CHEAP! haha but it was still fun!

I LOVE hot tamales. 
almost bought this huge pack.

Ty really wanted to go check out the pawn shop on Pawn Stars - it was really interesting!

we went shopping and ate lots of delicious food

We also went on the 'Hoover Dam Tour' 
it was pretty interesting
Tyler was ready to go within the first ten minutes but we all ignored his complaints. haha
I was standing next to a lady and her black hat flew off  right off her head. SAD!

Thanks to sam we tried some amazing gelato!! it was delicious!
we also went bowling. While waiting for a lane to open the guys went and played in arcades.
they were playing this game for a good 20 minutes. Kids at heart.

We had a wonderful time, swimming, being with our good friends, eating delicious food, shopping and just hanging out.  It was great too, I didn't do my hair once this trip. haha I'm lazy.
Thanks to our wonderful friends for putting it all together and also Ian for driving my car home, he was a very safe driver. I hate driving for long periods of time, so thanks Ian!

me and tae buns


growing up

So... I don't like change
Actually I will admit that I HATE IT
Big news:

We are moving...

I'm scared.
I don't wanna go
I cry lots
I'm the worst wife haha

I see lots of girls I know who are married and they announce a big move/job promotion on their blog and they say - 
"What a fun adverture we will have! I can't wait"
"Can't wait to be in a new place"

I must be a really bratty wife, cause when Ty called me and told me about the big job promotion - I started crying and said I don't want to go.
Then I googled Indiana and it said there are Tornados and so now I really don't want to go

(Tyler has assured me where we are living there won't be tornados) but I dunno if he's just saying that to make me not so scared

I'm trying to be supportive and happy - but honestly I'm not happy.
I don't wanna leave my friends, my jobs, my familiar surroundings, my groove, my schedule, my pretty house.
and mostly I don't want to leave my family.
I'm a homebody and I am really close with my family 
and I'm crying just typing this
I'm worried my niece will forget me

Everyone 'SAYS' they will come visit, I don't expect them to, but I would love to have them -but honestly life is busy and schedules are busy and plane tickets are expensive and who wants to drive 2 days in a car just to see me and Ty.

If anyone has some encouraging words or has experienced a large move before - please offer up some words of encouragement and advice. I really do need them right now.

Everyone says that me and Ty will grow so close cause we only have each other to rely on.
I sure hope that is true.
I'm scared.

**I will note -- I am very proud of Tyler, he deserves this huge promotion, he has worked so hard and it's his time to shine! he is the hardest working man I have ever met!


the River

my wonderful Aunt Debby and Uncle Rob were kind enough to let us come to the river with them this year!
It was a really quick trip, and a really long drive - but we had a great time!

*if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen most of these - SORRY!
At least I don't post ALL my instagram pictures on facebook, twitter, AND instagram. that drives me nuts.

Dinner at Pizza Hut
Tyler sleeping
 ....more sleeping
 it was so hot and the weather was awesome! so was the water!
Ty wake-surfing
basically, it was sleep, play in the water, go on the boat and eat. I loved it

 Wish we could go again in August, but our schedules won't allow it :(
my aunt and uncle are so kind - we had such a blast!!
I did really miss my puppies, and the night we left I actually cried in the car for about 10 minutes, cause I worry about them so much. haha!
We had wonderful family that checked on them and they were just fine!
  I missed my niece lots too! 
i love that babe
'crazy face'
-sorry for the quality of all my photos. I don't have a camera, so my phone camera is gonna have to do!

my sis Min took some photos of our little sister Nae. I was just there to hang out - and I jumped in on a few of them. I dunno why but candid photos are some of my favorites: 


Yard work

We have neglected one side of our house for a couple years! Eeek!! Pretty embarrassing! But we've worked hard on getting it looking pretty again (and lower maintenance) 

The end result looks great!! We are proud of ourselves! It was hard work - but so worth it!!